“We have poverty of the spirit . . .”

A Must-Listen

h/t EconomicPolicyJournal

Much of what see has nothing to do with one person discriminating against another or one group discriminating against another.  Problems have to do with government subsidies. The rotten education that black kids get comes from the policies in Washington, D.C. and has nothing to do with discrimination; instead, it has to do with government programs.

Williams says that the welfare system is not intended to keep people in poverty, but the effect or the results differ.  There is no more material poverty given all the amenities that Americans owns–flat screen TV’s, Air Jordans, cell phones, air conditioners,  and much more.  So it’s not a lack of material wealth that is the problem but a lack of incentive. Dependence on government destroys incentive.

We have poverty of the spirit, with people dependent on government programs and they’re not self-sufficient.  That’s the kind of poverty we have today. Government subsidizes slovenly behavior.  If you tax something, you’re going to get less of it.  If you subsidize it, you get more of it.

We’ve been subsidizing slovenly behavior.

The 3/5 clause . . . it turned out that during the 1787 Convention in Philadelphia that slaves were 40% of the population of the Southern states who wanted to count each slave as one vote.  The Northern or Yankee delegation didn’t want to have the slaves counted at all. The concession was to count the slaves as 3/5 in apportionment.  Had they one vote per slave, it would have given the southern states far greater power in the Congress.


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