“federal government create[d] subprime lending program to get minorities [with bad credit] into homes they could not afford”

h/t Robert Wenzel @ TargetLiberty

Shapiro explains that it’s the free market that provides the choices available in the stores, not anything to do with white privilege.  What follows is my transcription.

2:50  Statistical disparity does not necessarily mean racial discrimination.  Vast majority of men playing in the NBA are black.  Very few of them are 5’9″ Jews.  That’s not because there is some sort of antisemitic conspiracy to keep 5’9″ Jews out of the National Basketball Association.

3:07  She said that one of the things that works against you if you’re black in the United States, is how people perceive of your financial responsibility.

3:17  Capitalism is color-blind.  The only color that capitalism concerns itself with is green. Seriously, capitalism doesn’t care about your color, it doesn’t care about your race, it doesn’t care about your sexuality; in fact, capitalism is the single best way to overcome racism, sexism, and bigotry, and homophobia because it you decide to be any of these things–if you decide to be a racist, sexist, homo-phobe, the guy next door will not and he will take all of that money from you.  You will be out-competed.  This is the beautiful thing about capitalism.  Your advantage in the market place is catering to as many clients as possible and to hiring the best people as possible.

3:55  The usual statistics that are thrown out are the usual statistics about, for example, lenders systematically discriminate against qualified black borrowers.  The truth is if banks routinely did this, they would go bankrupt.  Of course, because there would be other banks that came and spent who would spend money on black borrowers and those people would pay back their loans.   And these banks would be able to make a mint off of all of this. The wide spread perception in all of this that black people were not getting loans led the federal government to create a subprime lending program specifically designated to get people of minority ethnic status to into homes they could not afford with bad credit.  If it had all been lending discrimination, you would have assumed that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would have been fine.  There would have never been a subprime mortgage crisis. Nothing I am saying here says that discrimination never existed in American history.  that would be stupid and a-factual, but to suggest that it is a continuing factor in American life tat is putting people under the boot of white establishment is nonsense.


4:46  They say there is discrimination in job performance, and this is white privilege.  The fact is that  Mizzou has affirmative action in its hiring processes.  There are already laws on its books, that bar discrimination based on race in hiring.  There’s already a federal equal employment opportunity commission that investigates charges of racism on a routine basis.  It has a program.  It’s called e-Race.  Eradicating Racism and Colorism in Employment.  It’s designed to fight discrimination of people of color. that is not white privilege.  it’s the government going out of its way to attempt to fight individual racists in some cases go beyond the evidence in order to demonstrate racism.  Talk to the Asian guy who has to score 230 points above the black guy to get in the same college before you tell me about white privilege.



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