Trump’s Bombing of Syria Is About Domestic Politics

h/t Charles Burris at LewRockwell

Jay makes these points:

Trump claims friendship with Putin during his campaign.  Calls for peace with Putin.  That was during the campaign.  The bombing alters that tone, which serves other folks in the security state.

Jay says that

Political outcome of the bombing is domestic politics.  [We’re now presented with a new image of Trump vis-a-vis Putin.]  Trump stands up to Russia. Trump is taking on Assad. [The bombing] gets to shut down the whole conversation in DC that Trump has some treasonous connections with Putin and Russia. Now he’s standing up against them. Seems obvious to be more about domestic politics rather than international politics.

He adds

Syrian bombing was an extension of his war with the U.S. intelligence community.

And certainly in terms of political gain, it was just days after Trump announced that Assad would not be the target, saying that the U.S. would not be trying to overthrow Assad, that there should be a broad front to fight against ISIS. If it isn’t an extension of his war with the US intelligence community.

Then Wilkerson corrects Trump’s points about dying by sarin gas:

Any way is a horrible way to die!!


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