Dysfunctional: Talented Kids Not Enrolled in Public Schools

Spell “dysfunctional.”

Definition: “A 6-year-old child who is not in a public school.”

–Gary North

By the way, I post this article not to poke fun at public school teachers, for I’s was one. Public school teachers work awfully hard, grading, teaching, managing almost two hundred students each day.  It is as impossible as it sounds.  Still, these heroic men and women show up to lay the groundwork in language, ethics, history, math, and science. And if some schools still have it, art, music, and drama.  It’s just that the environment seems so bad to me it seems to coerce folks to surrender their convictions and replace it with their obedience. Kind of cruel.

Hooray for Edith Fuller.

h/t Lew Rockwell

OXON HILL, Md. — Waiting on the stage with contestants twice her age, 6-year-old Edith Fuller is so small her feet don’t touch the ground. But wait until you see her foundation of knowledge — as seen in video from the National Spelling Bee, where they ask her to spell “nyctinasty.”

“Nyctinasty. Will you please give me the definition?” she asked.

“Nyctinasty is the movement of a flat plant part as the opening and closing of some flowers that is associated with daily changes of temperature or light intensity,” a Spelling Bee official said.

“Nyctinasty. Will you please give me the language of origin?” Fuller requsted.

“It’s made up of Greek elements that were probably first combined in German,” the official responded.

Then Fuller goes for the correct spelling.

“Nyctinasty. N-Y-C-T-I-N-A-S-T-Y, nyctinasty,” she said.

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