[Jobs Are Not an End to Themselves.] “In a free market, employment is a value creation process”

But employment is not an end in and of itself. Rather, it is a means to an end: namely the increased standard of living that the worker obtains by trading his labor for wages.

In a free market, employment is a value creation process — with jobs stemming from the wants and needs of consumers as conveyed through the price system.

It is this productive nature of free-market jobs that make them desirable and capable of increasing a worker’s standard of living.

Wages spring directly from, and are proportional to, the degree in which a job creates wealth by helping to satisfy an unmet need. As is the case for all mutually-agreeable trades in a free market, both sides gain and wealth is created: the worker receives wages that he values more than his labor and the consumer receives a product or service he values more than its price.

This is fantastic.  It illustrates exactly the expectations in the workplace.  Too many folks look at jobs as though they’re being rewarded for their skills or past work history. Only marginally.  The fact is that the employer is taking a risk on you to create wealth and to add value to his enterprise.  Once you do that, then you’ll be rewarded if your position isn’t so redundant that a robot could take it over in 6 weeks.


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