Freelancers: Medieval Knights Protecting Their Margins

Interesting comments on freelancing at the 15 through 16-minute mark.

Approach your craft like a tradesman. By that I mean like a freelancer. Instead of, “Okay, I need my job, and my job will be 30 years old, and it will come with benefits and it will be provided by . . . blah, blah, blah.” That’s not working any more. And I was never really enamored of it. I like the idea of the classic freelancer. I always have. You know where that word came from by the way? In the olden times, a freelancer was a knight who served no loyalty. He had his horse and he had his lance. And his lance wasn’t free; it was to the highest bidder. It was a very mercenary way to look at the world, but it’s a great way to step back and protect your margins, ah, in these times . . . in my opinion.

Being suspicious of anything that doesn’t hurt a little bit.

If you work for someone else, they will expect loyalty.  And if you serve any clients, they too will expect loyalty, so I don’t know about his loyalty comment.  Seems like it’s just good business to be loyal to your customer’s satisfaction.


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