Repetition reduces vigilance. Slow-drip Snowden leaks conditioned folks to accept spying as the natural order of things

This information will probably not surprise anyone, though stunning as it is.  The article that Melissa Dykes reviews is from the Intercept, titled “The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operation,” February 24, 2014.  It’s a slideshow, a PowerPoint if you will.  Author’s name is not given.  It’s categorized under “Documents,” so it is a 2014 document file.  It is an excellent review.  Remember, too, that the new military policy views American citizens as enemy combatants, which means that the military gladly applies their psychological war operations on its own.

h/t Charles Burris

I like the name of Melissa (Melton) Dykes’ website, TruthStreamMedia.

I took a few notes, but June 18, 2013 Snowden,

repetition reduces vigilance and creates expectancies: drip out a story and people don’t care any more.  They know it.

Here are some other gems:

1. Attention drops at the perceived end
2. The target looks where you look.
3. The big move covers the little move.
4. Control attention: conspicuity and expectancies.
5. Haversack Ruse: the piece of bad luck.
6. Swap the real for the false, and vice versa.

Then come the 10 Principles for Influence.  Penned by whom, I cannot tell:

The Time Principle.
The Need & Greed Principle.
The Deception Principle.
The Social Compliance/authority Principle.
The Herd Principle.
The Consistency Principle.
The Reciprocity Principle.
The Flattery Principle.
The Dishonesty Principle.
The Distraction Principle.

People make decisions for emotional reasons, not rationale ones.

Social creativity:  Seed  >  Convert  >  Share.

All of this is based on game theory: Can I game this?

All stable processes we shall predict.  All unstable processes, we shall control.     ~~John Von Neumann

Person’s brain as a computer, a cog in the wheel.  It all has to do with programming you.

Strand 4: Distruption & Computer Network Attack.  Online Covert Action Accreditation (OCAA)

DISRUPTION Operational Playbook
Infiltration Operation.
Ruse Operation
Set Piece Operation
False Flag Operation
False Rescue Operation (Jessica Lynch)
Disruption Operation
Sting Operation

Identifying & Exploiting Fracture Points

Things that push a group together Shared Opposition Personal power
Shared Ideology TENSION Pre-empting cleavages Things that  pull a group apart.
Common beliefs Competition
Ideological differences


Full roll out complete by early 2013.

150+ JTRIG and Ops staff fully trained.

Mainstreaming work—push reduced “Level 1” Tradecraft to 500+ GCHQ.

“Relentlessly Optimise Training and Tradecraft.”

Drills like Jade Helm, they’ve got AI doing some of this stuff.  Master the Human Domain, meaning that they don’t even need an actual person to do some of this stuff.  It’s all online.  Yikes.

It’s literally the Matrix.

Bank of America: 50% Chance We’re in the Matrix . . . Liteally.  Truth

Conjuring with information.  Head of Human Science JTRIG-HSOC NSTS.  Because they’re magicians.  Because they’re Batman.


If what she’s reporting on wasn’t valid, there would be no need for trolls.

CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on your through your dishwasher, Spencer Ackerman, March 15, 2012, Wired.

Slow-drip Snowden Leaks Just Conditioning to Accept Big Brother.


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