Ron Woodson on Reparations: “It is insulting to Black America.”

Thanks to Dale Steinreich at Lew

Ron Woodson on reparations for black Americans.

1:35  I think it’s fool’s gold.  It demeans both whites and blacks.  To black Americans, it means you can monetize oppression.  The message to black America is “somehow your destiny is determined by what white people do, by what white people give you and not by what you are able to do for yourself.”  And so it’s undermining black . . . ah  . . . and also, Tucker, it’s really something that’s bantered around by people with 6 figure incomes living in gated communities with children in private schools.  When you go into St. Louis that I was there this weekend where there were 19 people were shot and killed over the weekend, they’re not talking about reparations as an answer to that challenge.  All over the country, I just think that it’s virtue signaling for white candidates and for some white guilty people it’s an easy fix but it’s very crippling to the nation, very crippling.

So if we were to get it tomorrow, some reparations scheme, um, do you think there would be very shootings in St. Louis or Chicago or Baltimore?


No, I don’t think so.  the very fact that in the NFL where the average salary is like two or three million dollars, five years after they retire . . . 70% of them are bankrupt.  So I’m not so sure if it doesn’t work for rich people uh what it’s going to do for poor people.  But again, Tucker, it’s a distraction.  There [is] study after study on the black communities conducted by the Joint Center for Political Economics, a black liberal think tank when black Americans rank and file were asked, “What are the issues most important to you?” it’s jobs, it’s security.  Race only shows up 8% in those three separate polls.  But these people on television, the candidates, pander to the black community, assumed that they don’t have to speak to the legitimate needs of black America for jobs, for better health care, for neighborhoods that are not being gentrified but instead they can just pander and walk through the Civil Rights door.  It is pandering.  It is insulting to black America.  And as I have said, I have suffered my last rich, angry black and my last guilty white person.  4:12


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