Is that hypnotic, undulating red, white, and blue behind the anchors designed to turn off your critical filter?

This is not new either . . . that is, if you’ve been paying attention . . . .  Melissa Dykes over at ActivePost takes us through the matrix if you will.

Television is where people get their news and get their information of the world. Imagine that if people are hypnotized by digital media during news hours what that does to their thinking in general, their thinking on other aspects of life, on internal life, on our individual past life, on how we think as we cultivate friendships.  Or how we think in a job interview or a financial decision.

When every conservative in the world was enamored by Glenn Beck, I was appalled, appalled by his narrative mode and delivery combined with the red, white, and blue undulating behind him so that his viewers saw it.  It is at least distracting, if not manipulative.  And if it is manipulative, it is designed to turn off his viewer’s critical filter.  What did I say in that previous post?  Repetition reduces vigilance, and it’s true; it does.  Yes, personally, we want repetition in our lives so that we can be productive day in and day out, but when repetition is used to reduce vigilance that should come as an anomaly–and should be seen for what they are: games of military intelligence who serve the deep state.  Oh, and with what end in mind?  To game you.  That is all. And it’s that simple.  Military intelligence, indeed.

I don’t know about you, but that undulating flag behind Joe Scorborough gives me a bloomin’ headache.

There are others, plenty of others, but YouTube likes to keep certain topics down, deep in the memory hole.  Those waving flags give me a headache because I prefer, one, to resist mind-control efforts by those trying to hijack your soul the way the announcer did with Al Rocher.  Two, I don’t like the foreign or domestic policies of the U.S. federal government.  I think it is a morally bankrupt institution.  I love this country.  That is different.  Any government that treats its own citizens as enemy combatants and begins to execute psychological lobotomies on them without their consent can only be described as sinister and deserving of our contempt not our admiration.