“At its core,” says Jack Sidnell, “conversation analysis is a set of methods for working with audio and video recordings of talk and social interaction” (Conversation Analysis: An Introduction, 2010).

1.  A worthwhile book on conversation, The Handbook of Conversation Analysis, Jack Sidnell and Tanya Stivers, 2014.
2.  Know the terms of conversation and how you and others implement them.  This is an article by Richard Nordquist.  He has written a couple of books on messaging.  And one comment from his Amazon page said that it was a good book to use with beginners of rhetoric.
3.  This can be fun.  It’s worth an examination.
4.  Can you direct conversations?  You do this all the time.
5.  The Thirty Day Conversational Hypnosis Challenge: The Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis Primer to Help You Learn How to Master Hypnotic Persuasion and Influence, Bryan Westra, 2017.
6.  Hypnosis Without Consent: Legal or Illegal?  Covert Hypnosis Techniques.  Conversational Hypnosis.
7.  Reintegration of Personality.
8.  Patterns of the Hypnotic Technique of Milton H. Erikson, Bandler and Grinder, 1996.
9.  Trans-Formations: Neurolinguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis, Bandler, John Grinder, and Richard Bandler, 1981.
10.  That’s Not What I Meant!  How Conversational Style Makes or Breaks Relationships, Deborah Tannen, 2013.
11.  You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in ConversationDeborah Tannen, 2007.

Learn how to keep your cool and get the results you want when emotions flare.  When stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong, you have three choices:  Avoid a crucial conversation and suffer the consequences; handle the conversation badly and suffer the consequences, or read Crucial Conversations and discover how to communicate best when it matters most. Crucial Conversations gives you the tools you need to step up to life’s most difficult and important conversations, say what’s on your mind, and achieve the positive resolutions you want.  You’ll learn how to:

Prepare for high-impact situations with a 6-minute mastery technique.

Make it safe to talk about almost anything.

Be persuasive, not abrasive.

Keep listening when others blow up or clam up.

Turn crucial conversations into the action and results you want.

Whether they take place at work or at home, with your neighbors or your spouse, crucial conversations can have a profound impact on your career, your happiness, and your future.  With the skills you learn in this book, you’ll never have to worry about the outcome of a crucial conversation again.

The power of silence in conversation.