Insurance Licenses in California.


1. from Gary North’s Specific Answers

What is the most conservative investment in the world?

Not stocks. Not bonds. Not real estate.

Life insurance.

. . .

Central banks can adopt mass inflation. This raises long rates. But it also makes life insurance policies and annuities less desirable: depreciating real income. Also, such policies either go to hyperinflation or recession, or first one and then the other. Both of these monetary policies hurt life insurance companies.

Dr. North’s recommendation to capitalize on the situation above: Buy 30-Year T-Bonds.

2. In an answer to how to invest $30,000, Dr. North offered this:

Put the money in a local bank. You will use it to buy repossessed 3-bedroom, 2-bath home in two years.

3.  A few more insights by Dr. North:

“Compounding interest works for positive habits as well as savings.”

This is basic to the concept of personal sanctification. It also applies to corporate sanctification.