JFK Assassination, November 22, 1963

This was the best, most comprehensive video review of details on the JFK assassination.  He’s written 3 books now, and this video reviews in video form his 3rd book.

Thanks to Lew RockwellThe presenter’s name is Jerry Kroth, and the title of his book on the JFK assassination is Conspiracy in Camelot: A Complete History of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Assassination, Jerry Kroth, 2003.  Kroth is an Associate Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Santa Clara University in California.  

At the 110:44 mark in the video, the author identifies the assassins, not assassin.  Their names are Charles Nicoletti, Richard Cain, James Files, David Morales, and Johnny Rosselli.  Rosselli did not shoot anyone; he organized the team of shooters. 

Mark Lane interviewed Acquilla Clemons who witnessed the Officer Tippit shooting.  She claims she saw two men, one short and stock and one tall and thin.  Gary Marlow is suspected of shooting Officer Tippit, not Oswald.  See the 115:27 mark.  He is the one referred to as “tall and thin.”  The short and stocky man, “Milwaukee Phil,” a mobster who is credited with 14 mob murders, known by Felix Alderisio.  Giancana claims it was Roscoe White who murdered Tippit.

Based on what Oswald is credited with saying about President Kennedy, things like “Nothing irritated me about the president.  John Kennedy had a nice family,” it doesn’t sound like Oswald wasn’t motivated to kill Kennedy.

He said he’d never been to Mexico except to Tijuana.

Oswald had been meeting with FBI agent, DeBreuys, and CIA agent, David Atlee Phillips, aka Maurice Bishop, and that would be compromising if it came out.

Oswald had cooled on Marxism.  “The way you are treating me I may as well be in Russia.”

“Would you like to hide your face?”  Why should I hide my face?  I haven’t done anything to be ashamed of.”

On Jack Rubenstein, aka, Jack Ruby: 1) he was a courier for Al Capone; 2) 9 prior arrests; 3) long-distance mafia calls; 4) the first visitor in prison was mafioso, Joe Campisi.  Ruby indicted Lyndon Johnson.  “because he was the one who was going to arrange the trip . . . the only one who gained by the shooting.”

Parkland v. Bethesda Autopsy [119:20].  JFK’s body is taken away from Parkland by force and taken to DC’s Bethesda Hospital where they’re going to conduct an official autopsy.

Dorothy Killgalen, Davide Ferrie (left 2 suicide notes but died of natural causes), Eladio del Valle (died within 12 hours of David Ferrie), James Worrell died in a mysterious motorcycle accident at age 26; Bruce Pitzer was charged with taking film of the Bethesda autopsy; Mary Pinchot Meyer read the Warren Commission Report, said it was outrageous, wanted to go public, 10 days later she was shot in the head and in the heart, the latter for perhaps being in love with John F. Kennedy.

Gary Underhill [1:20:21]

Oswald is a patsy.  They set him up.  It’s too much.  The bastards have done something outrageous.  They’ve killed the President!  I’ve been listening and hearing things.  I couldn’t believe they’d get away with it, but they did!

Underhill told friends that he feared for his lie:  “I know who they are.  That’s the problem.  They know I know.  That’s why I’m here I can’t stay in New York.”

The following list is of people who were expected to testify at the House Select Assassinations Committee.  The day before Sam Giancana was supposed to testify, he was shot 6 times around the mouth, an apparent reference to keeping one’s mouth shut.

Name Cause of Death Association Date
George deMohrenshildt Suicide? CIA 1977
Carlos Prio Murdered Mafia 1977
Charles Nicoletti Murdered Mafia 1977
Sam Giancana Murdered Mafia 1977
Leo Moceri Murdered Mafia 1976
Johnny Roselli Murdered Mafia 1976
Regis Kennedy Natural Causes FBI 1978
William Sullivan Accidental FBI 1978
William Pawley Suicided? State Dept. ? 1977
John Paisley Suicided? CIA 1977
John Martino Natural Causes CIA 1977
David Morales Natural Causes? CIA 1978

Congressman Albert Thomas winks.


President Johnson, aided and abetted by the CIA, conspired with and conscripted the American Mafia to assassinate the President of the United States on November 22, 1963.

The theory, if true, deeply undermines what common, rank and file Americans believe.  It violates every sacred canon that our country is transparent, open, democratic, civil, and governed by the rule of law.  Instead, it portrays the United States of America as little more than a banana republic where power, guns, mobsters, murder, deceit, corruption, assassination, hitmen, and brazen coup d’etats determine the essential narrative of a people’s history.

KENNEDY, JOHN FITZGERALD, JFK, 35th President of the U.S. (1961-1963)
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He wanted peace.  By seeking peace in a cold war, JFK was signaling the military-industrial complex that they would be going out of business.  Several things took place that signaled to the military-industrial complex that JFK’s desire for peace was more appeasement with communist countries, a Pentagon whose official stance was first-strike in a nuclear conflict.  First, the Bay of Pigs; second, the Cuban Missile Crisis; third, JK’s Commencement Speech at American University on June 10, 1963; fourth, the October 11, 1963 signing of the National Security Action Memorandum 263.  JFK is killed on November 22, 1963.  LBJ reverses the National Security Action Memorandum 263.  JFK’s assassination stopped the momentum toward international peace and LBJ promised the merchants of death their war in Vietnam.  And the U.S. has been on a war footing ever since.  Really before that with the Philippine War, Spanish/American War, and then WWI.  This is an excellent documentary on Kennedy’s efforts for peace and the lead up to his assassination.  

Thank you, Charles Burris, at Lew Rockwell.com

JFK’s American University Speech, Jun 10, 1963.

This speech was given on June 10, 1963.  JFK’s Commencement Address at American UniversityNuclear Test Ban Treaty between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was ratified on August 5, 1963.  You can imagine how the military-industrial complex didn’t take kindly to this. 

National Security Action Memorandum 263, dated October 11, 1963, and signed by the President, authorized the withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Vietnam by the end of 1963.

Charles Nicoletti, Richard Cain, James Files, David Morales, and Johnny Rosselli.  Rosselli did not shoot anyone; he organized the team of shooters. 

Charles Burris compiles a very good list of materials, books, essays, and documentaries.  [Posted November 22, 2019]

Excellent interview of Judge John Denson by Lew Rockwell, dated June 26, 2020.  Denson refers to a book that cites James Files as THE assassin of JFK.  My take is that there were a few.  Tom O’Neill makes a few connections to Louis Jolyon West, who was Jack Ruby’s psychological counsel while in prison.  [I posted this on Wednesday, July 1, 2020, my only day off with my Amazon schedule.  

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