on Capitalism

1.  The Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution, Ayn Rand, 1971.
2.  The Anti-Capitalist Mentality, Ludwig von Mises, 1956.  Here is a copy of it at Mises.
3.  The Naked Capitalist, Cleon Skousen, 1970.
4.  The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith, 1776.
5.  “The Anatomy of a Bank Run,” MurrayRothbard, 1985.
6.  Competition and Entrepreneurship, Israel M. Kirzner,  1978.
7.  Post-Capitalist Society, Peter F. Drucker, 1994.
8.  The Roots of Capitalism, John Chamberlain, 1977.
9.  Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America, Michael Ruhlman, 2017.  From Don Boudreaux’s Cafe Hayek

The great improvement in food retailing in America over the past few decades strongly suggests that the average American supermarket’s customers in 2017 – namely, average Americans – are substantially wealthier than were their counterparts of 40 or so years ago.

10.  Books by Joseph Schumpeter.  I liked his comment on whiteness, “[Whiteness] stands its trial before judges who have the death sentence in their pockets.”  You’re already convicted of racism.  All that’s left is that you confess.