on Civil Rights

1.  List of Notes:  An Eclectic Collection Deserving of a Wider Audience, Shaun Usher, 2015.
2.  Lots of book references in these articles on the Civil Rights.  Be sure to check out Gail Jarvis.  He’s excellent.
3.  Also see these at Mises.
4.  Though this is behind a paywall, you will be greatly rewarded for your time and money here by learning from a master historian, Dr. Gary North.
5.  The US Commission on Civil Rights, led by Martin Castro, published a report in September that stated civil rights, as determined by the government, are more important than religious rights. This 300 page report is the direction that progressives are taking in our court system. Christians can believe whatever they want to in their head, but their behavior cannot violate others civil rights.
6.  I see persecution coming for Christians because progressives want to do away with religious freedom.  If Hillary is elected, the judges in the circuit courts can rule in favor of LGBT rights, despite a Republican Congress.  Looks scary to me . . . .  William McGurn of the Wall St. Journal confirms that Hillary and Obama agree with Mr. Martin Castro.