on Education

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6.  Fred M. Hechinger, conservative educator, staunch supporter of public schools, points out that kids have been getting kicked out of school since the turn of the century.
7.  John Holt books.  Here is Holt’s Wikipedia page.  Modern childhood was invented for the modern world.
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14.  John Holt’s YouTube channel.
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17.  Separating School & State: How to Liberate America’s Families, Sheldon Richman, 1994.
18.  Marshall Fritz, chairman, founder, and former president of the Alliancefor the Separation of School and State.
The one important person I have not had the opportunity to chat with is the great John Taylor Gatto.
19.  Why Johnny Can’t Read, Rudolph Flesch, 1955.
20.  Worthless, Aaron Clarey, 2011.
21.  The best description of what government money did to higher education is Robert Nisbet’s book, The Degradation of the Academic Dogma, 1971.
22.  The Messianic Character of American Education, R.J. Rushdoony, his book of essays on the founders of American progressive education
23.  Intellectual Schizophrenia, R. J. Rushdoony [his short book on education]
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26.  Passion Driven Education: How to Use Your Child’s Interests to Ignite a Lifelong Love in Learning, Connor Boyack, 2016.

The above video is an interview of John Holt. What is remarkable is that I’ve posted at least 3 other video interviews of his and each one the YouTube channel pulled it. Let’s see what happens with this one. I posted this one on 12/24/2016

Thanks to Charles Burris.
Guilt, Shame, & Understanding: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions, Peter Breggin, 2014.