Victory at the 9th Circuit: Gov. Newsom’s Closure of Private Schools Unconstitutional. Huge Win for Parents’ Rights.

What Chutzpah

This is exactly the problem with immigration policy in this country.  The chutzpah of these folks demanding from the federal government that the American taxpayer finance their legal transition from illegal immigrant to citizen.  If I want to go live in Panama, I certainly wouldn’t put upon the Panamanian citizens the cost of my adventures.

I’ve had conversations with folks from Mexico and Latin America, and they argue that because America is so rich that we could easily accommodate the free schooling, the free meals, the free health care, and all the other freebies.  These folks are ingrates.  They don’t ask for anything personally or directly but instead rely on the muscle of the feds to finance their DACA dreams and other wishes on the backs of the American taxpayer and they’re just fine with it.  Says something about their ethics, doesn’t it?

“The court of public opinion often matters a lot more than a court of law.  That you can lose a case in the court of public opinion before you ever win in a court of law.”

If [Kyle Rittenhouse] gets convicted, self-defense in America is dead.

3:25  What most people don’t know is that most businesses don’t have arson insurance, or particularly riot insurance.  Riot is often an exception to their insurance policy.  So these were businesses, small businesses that were wiped out forever.  No means of recompense.  This was happening day after day, night after night.  The Democratic governor was letting it happen frankly, not calling in the National Guard.  So a bunch of local people in the community went out that night and said “Let’s protect people.”  And Kyle said, “Let’s protect people, and I am going to be able to try to help people who get hurt.”

6:50  The city of Minneapolis paid out, I think $26 million if I am not mistaken, to George Floyd’s family before the verdict of the trial.  The theater has far more to do with what happens rather than the realities of the case.

7:08  The court of public opinion often matters a lot more than a court of law.  That you can lose a case in the court of public opinion before you ever win in a court of law.  And that’s what was critical in Kyle’s case.  There’s a reason why prosecutors in court keep lying about him over and over again.  It’s because they know that those lies will be repeated by the media which will get back to the jury pool, and the judges, the politicians, which will all have some role in how Kyle’s case is done.  The Supreme Court said 40 years ago, “A competent lawyer must defend his client in the court of public opinion to actually be an effective representative of his client.”  That’s why the court of public opinion is critical and that’s where a lot of people maybe be powerless, don’t underestimate their own power.  Their participation in the court of public opinion ultimately shapes the outcome of these cases.

UPDATE: Saturday, July 24, 2021
Here is the full video interview.  The section about Amy Cooper’s smear by media can be found at the 40-minute markAnd check out this review of the case as well.

Americans Who Wanted to Hold Their Government Accountable Rot in Jail, While Migrants Walk Through Southern Border

Don’t Let Progressives Diminish Your Survival Skills

Thank you, Lew Rockwell.

Writes Brian Dunaway:

Yeah, I remember even ten years ago reading a characterization of a shark attack as “the shark mistook the person for food.”

Around fifteen years ago I recall a cable network presentation on sharks, with some lunatic “shark expert” extolling the docile nature of sharks. Not long after he had an appendage bitten off (I believe it was his arm), and I remember exclaiming “Praise God!” The man didn’t lose his life, but hopefully millions of people heard his arm was bitten off … or perhaps merely mistaken for food.

At least twenty years ago there was a little festival in front of the Sugar Land town hall, which included a display from nearby Brazos Bend State Park (which is full of alligators, including those often sunning themselves on the various trails — not unusual to see fifteen-footers — pets disappear all the time near such habitats, including on the lake where I live). As God Is My Witness, there was a park ranger there telling little children how harmless alligators are. I gave him a piece of mind.

We live in a sick, sick world. See this.

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