Elizabeth Bishop, 1911-1979

Elizabeth Bishop, 1911-1979
Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth Bishop poetry seems to be my favorite.  She was the US Poet Laureate.  Here is her poem “The Fish,” published in 1946.  I made the argument, erroneous it turns out, that Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “The Fish” was addressing confessional poets who bared the rawness of their soul in print.  I was wrong.  The Confessional Poets came after Elizabeth Bishop in the 1950s and 1960s.

A shortlist of Bishop poems:
Filling Station,” 1965.  This is the best commentary of her poem that I’ve found online.  You might like it too.  The article states that “Filling Station” was published in Elizabeth Bishop’s third volume, Questions of Travel, (1965), most of which was written in Brazil. The book is divided into two parts: “Brazil” and “Elsewhere.” “Filling Station” and the poems in “Elsewhere” evoke the geographies, both physical and emotional, of Bishop’s childhood.”

One Art.”
The Man-Moth.”

An explanation of Bishop’s “The Fish.”