Email Marketing

1.  Cold Calling Email.
2.  Benchmark Email.  Never heard of it before.
3.  ClickBank: Best Affiliate Programs/Premiere Internet Retailer.
4.  ConstantContact.
5.  Dr. North added to his list Amazon and Sendy.  Really?  These seem like outliers, I mean really far out.  No one I know has suggested using Amazon as an email marketing service.
6.  AWeber.
7.  MailChimp: Marketing Automation.
8.  Best way to end an email to get a response.  Try this.
9.  6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes that Can Result in Your Emails Being Marked as Spam.


Aside from her punctuating cursing, she does offer some important points.

First, identify a niche.  No company or business wants to work with just any writer; they want to work with writers who KNOW their business.  If your niche is writing reviews for new tech software, you’re not going to be writing about doggy day care.  Expertise in your client’s industry is what they are looking for.  Your task then is to build expertise in a chosen niche.  First, chose.  Second, build expertise.

Be strategic.  Write samples that target a particular client.  Publish guest blog posts at sites in your niche.

She suggests sending out 20 to 25 cold emails per day.  Okay, I like that.  Gather emails of clients in your writing niche.  Make a list.  You always hear about lists.  Send out personalized, tailored cold emails, where you tell each client how you can help them.  You want to, one, build credibility.  Two, make a genuine connection, and three, include a call to action at the end.

She said that some clients may not want or even know the value of content marketing for their business.  ProBlogger Job Board?  Ptich clients in your niche.  Niche expertise is where your money is at; no other place.  Don’t use job boards as an excuse to avoid marketing.  You’ve got market, market, market your expertise.  She suggested LinkedIn.  Ugh.  Put your niche in your headline. Clients use LinkedIn like a search engine.  And they’re looking for a very specific type of writer.