Achievement Tests

Used as criteria for college and military entrance.  To place students in appropriate level of college courses and help students get additional help if they need it.
1. STANFORD 10 ACHIEVEMENT TEST. Of all of the achievement tests, the Stanford 10 Achievement Test is considered the most rigorous.
2. IOWA ACHIEVEMENT TESTCALIFORNIA ACHIEVEMENT TEST, CAT. Of the three achievement tests–Standford 10, Iowa Basic Skills, and the CAT–the CAT is considered the easiest.
3. CAHSEE was the California High School Exit Exam.   It is no longer given.  It was suspended back on January 1, 2016.  

As to the test itself, if you’re remotely interested, California Department of Education explains it thus. The CAHSEE is given to 10th graders each March.  Despite the school’s campaign for passage, the state puts very little pressure on students to pass.  If a student does not pass the test in the 10th grade, she has more chances to take the test. Students can take the test 2 times in the 11th grade.  And as incredible as this sounds, incredible because the test is easy, students can take the test up to 5 times in grade 12.  In 2013, the CAHSEE was given on March 12 and 13.  If you’re looking for help in the CAHSEE Math, then I suggest signing up at the Khan Academy (it’s free) and watch the videos posted there as they progress from easy to more difficult.
4.  AP Exams.