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Certification is an important career step.   Varsity Tutoring Services.  

Online resources aimed at tutors, teachers, and students make everyone’s work easier. If you are an educator, you can gain immense benefits from using online tutoring tools. You can use various platforms to prepare your lectures, attract students from all around the world and earn your salary along the process. Below is a list of some of these tools.

Groupworld is $25/month.

Groupworld is a secure, highly customizable, cross-platform web conferencing and online tutoring system which allows you to set up online meeting/tutoring rooms with advanced online whiteboard, voice/video conferencing, screen sharing, video sharing and optional session recording. Groupworld uses HTML5 and WebRTC with no plugins or downloads required. Our products are used by many schools, universities and online tutoring companies around the world.


Google Hangouts: Another popular collaborative tool in education, Hangouts allow tutors to host online group conversations in real-time—or record Hangouts for later review.


TutorsClass: This virtual classroom allows tutors to teach students from all over the world, plan, and schedule lessons, as well as give online classes. Students are charged small fees for the tutoring lessons, which means that tutors secure earnings via TutorsClass. The platform provides tutors with a lesson schedule tool that will make daily planning tasks more effective. Tutors can try out the platform for two weeks free of charge.


Zoom.com is a great application for sharing screens, video conferencing, notetaking, and real-time review of files.  Can’t tell yet, but there is another company called Zoom that furnishes virtual backgrounds as seen in this video: 

So here is Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. Price is $30 for images and $100 for images AND video.  Video might be a little more dramatic.    

Writinghouse: A citation generator Writinghouse is a tool to help teachers and students create bibliographies. 

Plagtracker: Plagtracker is a plagiarism checker that includes an advanced algorithm and a high quality of text analysis.
Unplag is now Unicheck.

4Teachers tools that enable them to create quizzes, write take-home notes, create and post lesson calendars, and get access to a great number of online lessons. Teachers and tutors can use 4Teachers to create their own lessons and integrate technology into their teaching style. QuizStar is one of the most popular tools on this website. You can use it to create quizzes in multiple languages and attach multimedia files to the questions.

Animoto: Animoto is a tool used to easily make videos to complement your lectures. You can choose one of the featured video styles and modify it to your preferences. This tool allows you to add music clips, images, videos, and text, and then share them with the students you are tutoring.

Jing: Jing is an easy way to capture what you see on your computer screen, edit the screenshot, and share it with your students. Besides images, you can also use Jing to record your actions on the computer screen and create a fully narrated tutorial with an explanation for your students.

Padlet: This website provides a blank “wall” which you can use however you want. Think of it as an online whiteboard that’s a simple but effective way to share anything with your students like announcements or homework. Students can use this tool to build their own walls as well, so you can keep track of their progress on various projects and assignments.

IDroo: This is a popular tool for math tutors. It provides an online educational whiteboard that is complemented with Skype use. Tutors can use it to organize collaborative meetings and sessions with multiple participants, draw and write their ideas, and insert complex and simple mathematical equations easily. IDroo will give you a great virtual classroom – all you need to do is turn your creativity mode on and think of compelling ways to use it.

BaiBoard.  Some of these tools seem absolutely irrelevant, like BaiBoard, for instance.  It is a collaborative whiteboard where participants, do what exactly, draw on it together?  What is this, kinder?

Google Docs: Most teachers know about this popular collaborative tool, which can be one of the best for online tutoring.

Google Hangouts: Another popular collaborative tool in education, Hangouts allow tutors to host online group conversations in real-time—or record Hangouts for later review.

WizIQ is one of a complete cloud-based online tutoring platform providing everything tutor need for live online tutoring at one place. Compared to other platforms, WizIQ is a more advanced online tutoring platform. WizIQ is $80 to $150/month.  Online Learning Delivery Platform.  from Wikipedia

Founded in 2007, WizIQ is one of the world’s largest cloud-based education platforms. Over 400,000 educators have leveraged WizIQ to deliver learning services to 4 million+ learners across 200 countries.

WizIQ’s FEATURES [Live demos here]

WizIQ’s state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom, designed specifically for education, provides all the features and tools needed to simulate the face-to-face classroom experience. It has features like real-time audiovisual communication, text chat, breakout rooms, interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, online tests and assessments, attendance report and notifications, polling, and more.

WizIQ offers one of the most comprehensive online teaching system available to educators. Educators can create synchronous courses with live classes or self paced asynchronous courses. It enables instructors to include a variety of courseware and nearly any file type in their curricula, like Word, PDF, PPT, audio and video files.

No downloads or cumbersome client software is required to use WizIQ Virtual Classroom. It works from any web browser and also provides Apps for iPads and Android devices. All one needs is a web connection.

It has a multilingual interface and supports 20 languages. WizIQ Virtual Classroom can also be integrated with learning management systems like Moodle, Blackboard, Instructure Canvas, Sakai, Joomla or with any website through WizIQ APIs.

Designed specially for education: Unlike other platforms that provide only some of the features needed to teach online, WizIQ Virtual Classroom provides a one stop shop for all the tools needed to deliver a class online. The platform provides everything that a teacher needs to take their teaching online, from a virtual classroom, to functionality to create and deliver courses with assessment tools and content sharing feature.

No infrastructure and technical expertise required. With WizIQ, anyone can teach online and earn. There is no need to install and download any software. Simply from the website you can enjoy the great online teaching experience.

By following step by step instruction courses can be created online in few minutes. The interface is self-explanatory and helps a tutor to create self-paced courses and live classes. All information is stored over a cloud library.

WebRTC based Virtual classroom provides real-time communication from any internet browser. There is no need to download any software/plugin/extension. Virtual classroom built-in with a whiteboard, which makes online learning more interactive. Easy to teach any subject and quite helpful for a learner to understand it deeply.

If a tutor wants to teach online programming languagecode editor can be a very important role. A code editor is powered with syntax checker and syntax highlighter that makes online teaching of programming language more interactive. Easy to highlight the syntax error, highlight the part of the code, easy to guide the complete logic of the code, etc.

WizIQ supports so many features that make online tutoring more interactive. It supports live chat, poll, forum and more to make online tutoring more engaging and interactive.

If a tutor wants to conduct an online test, can easily create it using WizIQ test and assessment feature. Easy to create an online test in a few simple steps and support multiple types of test.

WizIQ e-learning analytics provides detailed insight on each course. This is really very helpful for tutors to check the effectiveness of each course.

Supports m-learning. WizIQ app is compatible with different devices and different operating systems.

WizIQ is one of the perfect video streaming solutions, using this you can enjoy secure seamless video streaming. Even easy to store videos securely over one place.

Those who are looking for higher education software can use WizIQ. This stands among the top higher education software vendors.

Easy to earn money online using multiple options for online and offline payment.

WizIQ supports white-label with custom URL feature that helps you to remove any type of reference of the vendor. I must say WizIQ is a perfect e-learning software offer much more than white-label and URL customization. It helps you to deliver online live classes from your existing LMS, CMS, and website using the WizIQ virtual classroom plugin.

A tutor can create his/her academy online, create self-paced courses, test preparation and more online. Easy to sell courses online with WizIQ.

David Jameson, Founder, and CEO of Groupboard.com

Answered Sep 7

Groupworld is the most advanced collaborative whiteboard with audio/video conferencing and screen sharing and is used by many online tutoring companies.

HTML5 and WebRTC mean no plugins or flash is required, with high-quality streaming video and audio. Sessions can optionally be recorded (along with the whiteboard actions) for later playback, and can optionally be automatically uploaded to Vimeo. There is a powerful API, and you can optionally embed the whiteboard in your own web page.

We also have native iPad and Android apps for a smoother experience. Our software is very reliable and has been used by schools, universities, online tutors and businesses for almost 20 years, including MyTutor.co.uk who are the largest online tutoring company in the UK.

TOP 10 LISTS OF Learning Management Systems  
1.  This is one list.
Docebo (pronounced DoChayBo).  These programs are not cheap.  Docebo goes for $400/month.
Sum Total System
ConnectEDU.  Looks like these guys have filed for bankruptcy. 
Moodle.  Someone recommended Moodle because they liked their forum and chat platforms.
Gnosis Connect LMS

I’ve heard of only 4 or 5 of these and never heard of Gnosis Connect LMS.
Here is another list of LMS’s.  
2.  Someone recommended BlezGo.  But these recommendations almost never come with criteria as to why they recommend; no review of features or benefits of the program over another.  Are they all so similar and provide basically the same function? 
3.  Zoho.com.  Engage trainees with slide-likes, in-app chat, virtual Q&A and much more. 4.  Eruditnet.com
5.  A few more tools for online teaching/tutoring. 
6.  Cisco Teaching/Training/Tutoring tools.

1.   New York Education.
2.  The Freelance Teacher
3.  Use Facebook Group for tutoring larger groups.
4.  Tutoring flyers here, here, here, and here.  Strategies for generating tutoring clients.  Benefits and building on trust.
5.  Verbling looks like a standard tool for teaching English around the world.   
10. When they hire you as a tutor, parents trust you with their children’s educational growth, college students rely on your help to pass their classes, and adult learners invest in your skills to advance their careers. Tell the reader what qualifies you for that important responsibility. Depending on your qualifications, items to highlight could include teaching and tutoring experience, educational degrees, certifications, awards and job experience in specific subject areas. A communication arts tutor, for example, should reference published articles, and a science tutor could list his research experience and science degree



For live streaming, Cathy Stucker, the IdeaLady, recommended Zoom.us.  Bill, as did the speaker in the above video, recommended Filmora.  

  1. Common App Supplemental Essay Tips.
    2.  Supplemental Essays.

1. Two Sigmas.

Create a course and sell it at Teachable.  Not sure how valuable this is.  

Video to Text, Video Transcription Software, for only $27.  

1.  TEST PREP: SAT & ACT, GRE, GMAT, ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) CBEST, LSAT, HSPT, and others.  Find the best-selling prep guides here
2.  WRITING.  Have the students produce descriptive writing essays, “How-to” Process essays, Expository essays, and others.  Show them how to proof their work.  Teach writing and editing online at Fiverr.  Be aware of the Levels on Fiverr.  
3.  READING & COMPREHENSION.  Have the students write reviews of chapters or articles they’ve read.  Have them keep the reviews on a personalized blog.  
4.  The competition on FiverrThis gal advertises well.  The services offered here are not bad.  Get your articles published online
6.  Deliver a speech in English.  
7.  Conversational English.  
8.  Create a TeachersPayTeachers page like this