Affiliate Marketing

Here is a list of affiliate programs: 


Jim Cockrum Programs Cost Link




Mark Ling Affilorama
Patrick Chan Profit Windfall $10
Michael Cheney Okay, so it looks like all that Cheney does is sell other people’s products that he is, in effect, a super affiliate selling only other people’s stuff.

LeadPages (a pattern interrupt)

Interactive page building software

Todd Gross EZ Review Videos $30

Lead Generation
How does one generate leads?  Email lists.

List building tools
How do I build lists?  Can you do that around a product?  How about around a service?  Can my service be so great people will flock to my service?  Depends on what the service is. 

Average salary for marketing manager jobs in LA Country is $63,000.


Ling is perhaps the most thorough in my opinion.  Perhaps I was just open to the concept more when I heard it back in June.

FISA Court is practically owned by the NSA.

Grants 99% of all NSA applications.

Harshly critical of section 7702, spying without authorization.

Foreign intelligence surveillance act.  Americans get swept up in this surveillance.   3 fold increase during the Obama administration in surveillance.

702 gives a false impression that the FISA court regulates NSA; in truth, it unleashes the NSA to spy on all Americans.

Jobs that need filling:

The reason why employers ask you for a salary range is so they know exactly how much they need to pay you for your salary offer to represent a pay increase—or even a decrease that they’re betting you’ll take anyway.  Knowing your salary puts an employer and their recruiter at a negotiating advantage and puts you at a disadvantage.  When a recruiter asks for your salary, respond by telling them your target salary.  Say “I’m focusing jobs in the $60k range—is this job in that range?”  if the recruiter insists that their client will want to know, you can say, “I understand that, but you and I are in a negotiating posture and you work for the client.  My salary history is private but I my salary target works for your client then that works for me.”  if the recruiter presses you to trust them, you can say “Right now we’re talking about a possible transaction between your clients and me and it’s not appropriate for me to share my financial information with you.”  Don’t be afraid to walk away from a recruiter or potential employer that doesn’t respect your privacy.  You have amazing talents to bring to the right employer, but not every organization deserves you.”

Websites to improve:


Mark Ling Webinar talks about Niches.  90-Minute Webinar.  Learn Earn Build Founder.


  1. Create a high-converting site. Scaled to $1,000.  0 to $640/day in a year.
  2. Not for the advanced marketer.
  3. One day sales machine.
  4. Rural area where there are no jobs.

Biggest opportunity.

  1. Examples:
  2. Self-Hypnosis is one niche!! What!!!
  3. What is IMADID?
  4. Tangible products: $1500/week with tangible products. So this is drop shipping.  IMADID model is more profitable.  Prefers high margins.  Don’t need inventory or spend $ on that inventory.
  5. Personal development niche.
  6. World of Warcraft. Popular game.  He made an ebook guide that teaches you to play World of Warcraft.  He was making $1,000/day.  he’s now making even more.
  7. IMADID: do this with no products of your own. $400k he had no products at all.  Yet he managed to $400k before he made any product of his own.  You can start with no products of your own.  Huge commissions from certain types of promoting you
  8. Supplements niche is good. Personal development niche.
  9. Right product; simple website; reliable traffic that converts. A simple website works.  Make it easy for people to buy.  Choose products they’re really proud of.  ED makes $1000/day.  Want personal pride: take the right product.
  10. Step 1: choose a proven niche. Lots of excellent products to promote with high commissions.  Profitable products to promote as an affiliate. Weight loss, wealth, relationships, relationship (women), mindset, personal development, alternative beliefs, problem solutions, hobbies/Passions, healing, fitness, parenting, dog training (over a million $), survival, real estate, music, hairstyles, survival is a huge niche, personal development (bracelet that reads “Stronger than you seem and Stronger than . . . .) or a marbled bracelet or energy stone beads, Hands of Fatima Bracelet., beekeeping, equestrian equipment, mechanical, outdoor lifestyle, problems, addictions (problems/smoking/solutions)
  11. Hi, first name,
  12. Quick teaser/benefits . . .
  13. [link]
  14. Quick teaser or how-to tip, benefits,
  15. [link]
  16. Sign off
  17. Could be promoting an affiliate product, or . . . these emails generate $2700. (“I urge you to watch this and take notes.”  And if you wanted to know the “Secret Phrase” which will make any man love you with every muscle in his heart . . . .)
  18. Create simple IMADID website. Just a few pages.  Install a push-button software takes only a few minutes.  Some designs convert better than others.  Which designs convert?  Is he going to tell us?
  19. IMADID opt-in page: “Does He Really Love Me?” a special report. Get on the newsletter list.
  20. Step 3: Drive Traffic that Converts. Very important.  You don’t start with an email list; you get one by following his instructions.  #1 IMADID traffic that converts is borrowed traffic.  Explain, please.  The network he lists his offers on.  They process the transactions and they pay the affiliate for me.  TRAFFIC EXPERTS OUT THERE.  Borrow traffic from them. FB, Youtube advertising, solo ads.  But mostly borrowed traffic.  Target people with certain likes and interests and drill down the ad funnel really well.
  21. Build an audience of your own on Facebook. Facebook Fan page.   Facebook & Youtube.  Send them your free ebook, 7-10-15 mini-book that has tips on the niche that you’re in.
  22. IMADID: Incredible Margins Affiliate Driven Instant/Rapid D
  23. Incredible margins: where most of the money that they spend goes to me. Digital products are often the best because the margins are almost 100%.  Audio or Video but affiliate driven from both sides—capable of earning commissions promoting other people’s products.  Repeat customers or more customers, you don’t really have a business that can disappear quickly.  This is important.  Digital product and affiliates sign on with me and I sign on as affiliate with related products.  If it’s a physical product, rapidly deployed less than a minute log into the supplier’s website, pay, then have it be shipped.
  24. ONE DAY sales machine. Quickest IMADID products are audio interviews.  You use skype.  Very cheap.  Find an expert.  He’s got a secret resource.  Nutritionist, a doctor, counselor, survival niche, record your audio interview, transcribe nice and easy.  Create a product in less than a day.  “Mastery Series.”
  25. TEACHES his students to write books. This is where you can make $1000/day.  make a sale in the first 3 weeks.
  26. FOUR INCOME multipliers.
  • Traditional model: pay for adv, get customers, who buy your product, you make money and put it back into more paid advertising.
  1. Imadid MODEL USES FREE OR PAID TRAFFIC, GET CUSTOMER, THEY BUY YOUR PDOCUT, PUT THROUGH INCOME MULTIPLIER. What does he mean by Income Multiplier?  He’ll tell us for a price.  Make videos for $5, Fivver.  $5/30 seconds.  Multiplier #1: complimentary imadid upsells.  Stop Smoking: Great that you bought this program, but to make it work, you’re going to need to buy the stop smoking solution.  He hates these ads. Okay.  That’s because it’s not complimentary.  Not really getting what I wanted until . . . .  What if it were a complimentary product?  6 interviews of folks whove stopped smoking with their story on how they did it. We like to be inspired by more than one person. The complimentary comes in a special pricing. He does this often, very often.  Income Multiplier #2:  Email approach promoting relevant products ON A REGULAR BASIS.  ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK.  INCOME MULTIPLIER #3: ADDS 200 TO 300% TO YOUR PROFITS.  IMADID CONTINUITY?  WTF?  Interview with a different expert.  Counselor, regular guy what works, what doesn’t, why men lie, cheat, pull away, etc.  women love this.  They’ll pay $27 to $30/month for this.  50% will try your trial, and ½ will stay on.  Make it obvious, beneficial, and they know how to cancel before they buy, they’ll try it.  sell 10 sales/day of a $7 IMADID product.  On average, 2.5 of them become part of your continuity. That’s 17-20 new subscribers/week.  That’s 80 per month.  $8800/month.  After 3 months, that’s 240 subscribers paying you $37/month.  Income Multiplier #4: An Affiliate.  Upsales and rebuilds.  Ah, he’s recommending that we become one of his students.  How much is that?  Reciprocal promotions.  Do a promotion for each other.  That’s awesome.  MILLIONAIRE STRATEGY.  EASIER DONE WITH DIGITAL PRODUCTS.  INSTANTLY DELIVERED.  HIGHER MARGINS.  NOT PROBLEMS.  LBE module.  What is this?  The niche of how to command respect, a subset of personal development.  Over $1000/week.    Aidan Booth, 6-figures/week.  Information products and coaching products.  Sells physical products as well now.  $26/month for the last 6 months.  Opportunity is right now.  More traffic now than ever before.  Now there are 17 sources of traffic.  The best time now.  He makes 85% of his money via teaching.  So here comes the teaching pitch.  This must be $3500.  8-12 weeks from start to launch.
  2. Digital products: 14 Modules: make the product, market it, so far it’s $5k.
  3. Physical products have 12 modules. $5k.  and make more from income multipliers.
  1. Affiliate marketing, 12 Modules (No products of your own): $5k.
  1. LBE, Done for You. 30 Extra Bonus Products to make people really want to buy from you. He pays top quality writers to sell “complimentary ebooks.”  Something in your niche.  5 high value upsell products: $3k.  Total $18k.  Not bad, Mark.  Let me write you a check.
  2. Traffic mastery academy. Google, FB, YouTube, etc.  To an opt-in page.  Website creation: $500.
  3. LBE Coaching & Community. $6k.  access to Mark for 18 months.  1 on 1: $12k for 6 months.
  4. Copy Assistant. $2k.  templates ready to go and well tested.
  5. Done for you Continuity: $5k.
  • Online Millionaire’s Secret: $1500.
  1. LBE, LearnBuildEarn.
  2. Why would you put $ into free traffic?

Craigslist apartments that never get rented or do but for a very short time:

  1. $650/ 1br – Fully and furnished 1room & 1bd Apartment (Pasadena)
  2. Torrance,


One of the things that I nearly hate or loathe with great passion is having to listen to the set-up on these affiliate marketing pitches. It feels like a dentist drilling on your teeth before he even asks you if you want the service.

Cheney recommends Instagram.  Developed by Facebook and launched in 2010.  What is the difference then between it and Facebook? 

He writes

Instagram.  Maybe you knew it already.  If so, congrats.  Your medal is in the post.  Seriously, with 700 million people using Instagram it’s an incredible source of free traffic.  In fact, it’s made countless FTMs or “Free Traffic Millionaires” in its short lifespan.  

I really don’t like all of this social media.  The platforms are more about social engineering.  That is the ugly side of this stuff, but if someone can make money from these sites, then that changes it all doesn’t it?  No.  It doesn’t.

Mark Ling.

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