Vietnam War

1.  Background to Betrayal: The Tragedy of Vietnam, Hilaire du Berrier, 1965.
2.  Kill Anything that Moves, Nick Turse, 2013.
3.  Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy’s “A True Hero of the Vietnam War . . . .
4. Philip Jones Griffiths’ pictures of the Vietnam War are here and here.  As you can expect from war pictures, there are some terrible pictures of injured civilians, soldiers, men, women, and children.
5.  “Vietnam Falls: It Is Time to Establish Responsibility.”
6.  Teaching the Vietnam War: A Critical Examination of School Texts and an Interpretive, Comparative History Using the Pentagon Papers and Other Documents, William L. Griffen and John Marciano, 1979.
7.  The American War in Vietnam: Crime or Commemoration? John Marciano, 2016.  On John Marciano, Laurence M. Vance writes “John Marciano is Professor Emeritus at SUNY Cortland and the author (with William Griffen) of Teaching the Vietnam War (1979). He is also “an antiwar and social justice activist.” The author is also a myth buster, for in his new book on the Vietnam War he destroys myth after myth about the war. He also challenges the dominant view that “U.S. wars are just and honorable, fought for a Noble Cause, the essence of which is the belief that the United States is ‘a unique force for good in the world, superior not only in its military and economic power, but in the quality of its government and institutions, the character and morality of its people, and its way of life.”
8.  When Hell Was in Session, Admiral Jeremiah A. Denton, 1972.
9.  Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned in the Marines, Zell Miller, 1998.


We Were Soldiers Once, 2002, starring Mel Gibson as Hal Moore.

The soundtrack included the haunting lament, called “Sgt. McKenzie,” written by Joseph Kilna McKenzie in 2001.  


Here is an excellent presentation that was given in 2008 where Hal Moore explains the circumstances of the Battle of Ia Drang in 1965.