Phoenix Program

1. The Phoenix Program, Douglas Valentine, 1990.
2. The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World, Douglas Valentine, 2017.

from Lew Rockwell.  

There is no way to talk about the Phoenix Program without a discussion or investigation into the CIA, the organization that ran the Phoenix Program across Vietnam.  Here Wes Baker makes an interesting point, an obvious but interesting point, 

We did not succeed in invading Vietnam (or surrounding countries).  But according to Valentine, the CIA learned, over the subsequent decade, on how to export the Phoenix Program, first, to Central and South America, and then to the rest of the world.  That includes this Country.

(Parenthetically, why anyone with half a brain would think a bunch of entitled, Ivy League brats would ever think they couldn’t operate on domestic soil has always baffled me.  The CIA was northeastern, Puritanical virtue signalers in the ’60s.  50 years before their grandchildren made it popular.

To which I would ask–if the CIA is running a Phoenix Program in the U.S., one, who is running it, and two, who is the enemy?  Is it just generally the American people?  A certain group?  The middle class?  Who?  This guy, George Webb has some interesting insights, but all that is connecting the conjured dots, literally creating his own matrix that apparently makes sense to him.  He names names, cites companies, and then provides the usual invitation to you to do your own thinking, your own research, as though that were some higher-level  Webb goes so far as to charge that Dyncorp does the CIA’s black ops on the killing side of things, killing children and young adults as part of a very large organ harvesting for elderly elites.  Ugh.  Awful. 

This video comes from a ZeroHedge article, titled “How Long Is Jeffrey Epstein for this World,” Tyler Durden, 07/19/2019.  But it just seems to me that anybody can talk, anybody can bring accusations, general claims to the public domain, but no one is going to bring a prosecution to any of this and risk their life to exact some justice on behalf of the public.  And justice, if is ever brought usually serves someone personal to a case and never on behalf of the general public.  Just like few if any cops would risk their lives to confront an armed man just so they can bring someone to justice.  That is a ridiculous call.  Most people just want to be able to go home to their families at night.  That’s the extent of most people’s just, and I totally see the virtues of that.  Corruption is the white noise, the background of our daily lives.  We have to find a way to live with it without getting tangled up or sickened by it.  It’s interesting to know about as a study, as an abstraction, or it is fodder for Tucker Carlson on FOX.  But to think that bringing one man to justice or one program or one department and that that will somehow bring about systematic or institutional change, ah, ain’t gonna happen.  What government guarantees above all else is continuity from one man to the next, from one program to the next, from one institution to the next.  Look at the Soviet Union.  It collapsed in 1991.  In 1992, the world had the Koyoto Treaty, where the communists or internationalists unleashed onto the world stage the lie of global warming as a dire threat to mankind.  

Notes repeated under many of his YouTube videos state that

George Webb is a journalist based in Washington, DC best known for finding the alleged “DNC Pried Hard Drives” and “DNC Blackberries” at the Virginia home of a convicted felon who worked for 45 different US Congressmen including a very close relationship with DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and had access to all DNC and DCC Server passwords. Imran Awan was a Pakistan National that later became a US citizen, but he still worked nine months a year in Pakistan while drawing a $160K a year salary in Congress, sending Terabytes of US Congressional data and hundreds of suspicious payments to Pakistan each year. The House Inspector General, Theresa Grafenstine, described this activity as “nefarious”.

So in the above video, Webb states that “Diplomatic Underground” was penned by Yousef al Otaiba, but I don’t see any byline with that name.  Webb also says that the girls trafficked to Manhattan were scopolamine-d.  WTH is that?  There is something about Webb’s narrative that smells of Keyser Soze, the character from the Usual Suspects.  Webb’s narrative style is that he takes tidbits from several different accounts, even citing the specific titles and authors in support but never reaching a conclusion or getting to the point.  He never finishes anything.  He raises this, that, and the other thing, which the viewer is supposed to piece together, which we do half way on a cursory level prior to chasing down any of the facts behind his story.  Also, he uses lingo like “it’s a cut-out,” referring to office space inside CNN.  Again, unless you’re a journalist or play a role in media somewhere, this is not going to mean anything.  It’s like what Frank Wisner said,  Further, his audience is not the average man on the streets or the average lawyer, no.  His audience is are swamp creatures, listening to find out what kind of dirt has fallen at their feet.

Valentine points it out beautifully.

“. . . the left’s leadership is part of the CIA’s old boy network and like all American intellectuals, they look to the Times for direction and validation. So the word went out to ignore the book, not just because it revealed CIA secrets, but because it identified the media, and the Times in particular, as the reason why the public can’t see the CIA clearly for what it is: a criminal conspiracy on behalf of wealthy capitalists.”

And what troubles me is how folks use the term deep state to refer to some clandestine agency or cadre, when all that the deep state is is your nightly news, your Jerry Dunphy at the 3 o’clock hour.

But Valentine had been “neutralized,” and over the next quarter-century the CIA, through its placement of its people throughout the media, including Hollywood and television, resurrected its mythic image—phoenix-like—from the fleeting and rarely examined ashes Valentine had reduced it to. Using what the CIA officer Frank Wisner called the agency’s “Mighty Wurlitzer”—its deep penetration of the news and cultural apparatus—it played the American people to a tune of CIA heroes defending the “homeland” from mad Muslim terrorists and evil drug dealers besieging the U.S. citadel through deception and direct attack. Movies, television shows, cognitive infiltration of the mainstream media across platforms repeated the message over and over again: We are the good guys in this mythic battle of good against evil. We are defenders of the “Homeland.”

I mean Valentine is firing on all cylinders.

Journalism in the US is a traditional cover for CIA officers. And when the owners of the media aren’t covering for the CIA, they’re selling commercial time slots to the multi-national corporations that in turn are selling you commodities made in sweatshops in foreign nations that have been subverted by the CIA. You could almost say there is no such thing as factual reporting. . . . The CIA and the media are part of the same criminal conspiracy. You’re never going to learn anything substantive by reading what mainstream reporters dish out about the CIA. You can’t take a journalism course in CIA Criminal Conspiracies 101.