Key Word Tools

Serpstat.  See the benefits here

Google’s AutoComplete?

Google Ads.


Keyword Researcher, called Wordtracker.

I guess Google’s Keyword Planner is the tool by which all other keyword tools measure their success or failure by.  

This article does a decent job of comparing 8 alternatives to Google’s Keyword Planner.  The 8 tools are: 

1. Google Trends.

2. Keyword Shitter {that’s not a misspelling] 
3. Adword & SEO Keyword Permutation GeneratorURL Is  
4. Answer the Public
5. Google Correlate
6. Keywords Everywhere.   
7. Google Search Console.
8. Wordtracker Scout

Neil Patel seems popular.  I don’t know his influence or his success, but this video has 117,000 views with 297,000 subscribers to his channel.  So there’s that.  

He recommends SemrushBecause . . . ?  The narrative style of these promoters leaves something to be desired.  He says that once you’ve figured out your competitors’ most popular pages from Semrush, take those pages and put them into ahrefs.  He explains that ahrefs shows you how many links each of those pages have.  He says the hardest thing is to build links.  Okay.  He adds to find the most popular pages with the least amount of links.  Tip #2: Use Google Search Console.  Even before 2 minutes are up in his video, he exhausts me.