1.  On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition: An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction, William Zinsser, 2012.
2.  Here is Gary North’s guide on how to write a non-fiction book.  He offers 19 steps, step-by-step, on what to do.  Then follows it up with “finding a publisher.”  And if you’re thinking of writing so as to get published, be sure to read what North says about marketing your book.

I think it is a sheer waste of time to publish a book today that is not introduced by a series of videos. I think you’re simply wasting your time as an author to write such a book. A book has to be part of a system of marketing, which is a system of education. Most people will not ever order the book, let alone sit down and begin to read it. But if they get the basic idea behind the book by means of a series of screencasts or other videos, then the book will have done its work. Hardly anybody was ever going to read the book. If people are introduced to the basic ideas of the book, even though they never read the book, this is as much as an author should ever hope for.