Cornelius Van Til

Van Til’s e-Books.

1.   Christianity and Barthianism, Cornelius Van & Cornelius Van Til, 1962.
2.  An Introduction to a Systematic Theology: Prolegomena, and the Doctrines of Revelations, Scriptures, and God, Cornelius Van Til, 1949.  Other Van Til’s books.
3.   The Defense of the Faith, Cornelius Van Til, 1955.
4.   Christian Theistic Evidences, Cornelius Van Til, 1953.
5.   Christianity and Idealism, Cornelius Van Til, 1955.
6.  Why I Believe in God, Cornelius Van Til, 1948.

7.  The Defense of the FaithCornelius Van Til.  This work claims that Natural Law, which Catholicism defends, is a compromise with Greek humanism.  Dr. North, who studied under Van Til at Westminster, explains “I have been studying Western social theory since 1960.  I understand it.  I just don’t accept its humanistic underpinnings.”  He even wrotebook, a few in fact, about Westminster abandoning the teaching of Van Til.

8.  A Survey of Christian Epistemology (In Defense of Biblical Christianity), Cornelius Van Til, 1980.