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2.  “… there are some libertarians who act as if the same arguments that apply to free trade and merchandise should apply to the movement of people across an international border. Of course, people are not merchandise. When people move across the border, their cultures move across the border with them. When you import people, you import cultures and you import patterns of behavior. One hundred years ago when our nation was debating immigration, at least they got data on which children of which immigrants did well in schools, which immigrants went on welfare and which didn’t, which immigrants had which diseases, and so forth. But today, in that regard, we are just flying blind. … They have put the rule of law in great jeopardy. …” — Thomas Sowell
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10.  Bob Clark and his son were killed in a car accident on PCH when an illegal alien crossed the meridian and crashed into his Infinity I30.  There is something to all of these white folks getting killed or injured by Mexicans.  Bob Clark, director of this magical movie, and his son were killed by an illegal alien. This says as much about modern-day America as does the dissolution of the prototypical family unit depicted so magnificently in “A Christmas Story.”

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17.  There is often the claim by socialists that people who prefer to lower immigration numbers are called Nativists as though that is a bad thing.  This January 16, 2018 article points out how bad that is.  Comment #3 is interesting.  Sam Drucker writes

It happens within our own borders for anyone with open eyes to see. Would Colorado or Arizona be moving left if not for all the California socialists fleeing the results of their voting patterns? Socialists don’t move to capitalist locales and then start seeing the error of their ways. They move and start trying to remake their new home to be like the dysfunctional place they left.

18.  1965 Gallup Poll showed that Americans preferred immigration based on family ties.  Isn’t this kind of what the U.S. has with its chain migration programs?
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21.  It doesn’t seem like the immigration “problem” is going to get solved in any way that is going to please everyone.  To expect such an outcome is delusional. But the conflicting opinions are interesting.  Here is one:

The indictment of the Congresswoman’s remark is matched at the 4:25 mark.

On May 23, 2018, Robert Higgs wrote

In December 2008, President George W. Bush famously said, “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” If you are a self-described anarcho-libertarian who supports the state’s employment of its legions of armed thugs to obstruct peaceful immigrants’ entry into the USA and treat them like criminals, you are doing the same thing to your principles — sacrificing them ostensibly to save the country from people who (you think) do not share your aversion to big government. Don’t be like George W. Bush.

And this 

Look around you, estado unidenses.  You live in a police state, a welfare, warfare state, and a therapeutic state.  Who, in overwhelming part, bears responsibility for these noxious developments?  It sure as hell was not immigrants.   

The costs of immigrant services are nothing to sneeze at.  Immigrants send home $56 billion AFTER the U.S. provides free education.  Nice.  Anything else we can do for you? 

Here is one immigrant who admits that he’d be killed if he returned to his country.  So why not set him up in a condo here in downtown Chicago?

22.  Ron Paul on an alternative to Trump’s Immigration Wall.
23.   Illegal immigrants on welfare for a long time.  Immigration is costly.

1. An American Man, Picked Up by ICE and Held in Custody for 1273 days; He’s Not the Only One Who Had to Prove His Citizenship.

1. More Than 80% of Somali immigrants are on Welfare.  

1. The headline of this piece is a bit suspicious.  It reads, “Eye-Opening Ground Report from Inside Migrant Caravan Shows the Truth of Motivation and Intent,” Sundance, Conservative Tree House, November 13, 2018.  There is nothing unlawful about caravans.  Though the numbers themselves may be read as an “invasion” by some American citizens, calling the invasion a caravan lessens the panic.  But Americans should be getting used to the idea that this country is not theirs, nor has it ever been theirs.  It is, in fact, a territory owned by the folks who populate the federal gov’t and private landowners where that is still in existence.  It’s only if and when the caravan, or even a single individual, crosses the property line of a private owner does the action become liable.